Secret Swiss Forts

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

I knew that the Swiss took their civil defense seriously, with blast shelters for 85 percent of their citizens, but they also built plenty of secret forts for their army — as this francophone video explains:


  1. Marc Pisco says:

    I misread that as “fonts” and thought “what, is it their secret weapon for when we get sick of Helvetica?”

  2. The (fully rotatable) howitzer turret disguised as a shed was particularly amusing.

  3. Grasspunk says:

    This reminds me of La Place de la Concorde Suisse written by the amazing John McPhee.

    I once worked with a Swiss and talked with him about this book. He said the Swiss had lost track of some of their secret sites over time (there were so many), but when the Soviet Union broke up documents were released that showed the Swiss where all their missing sites were.

    No idea if it was true but it was plausible enough to make me laugh.

  4. Slovenian Guest says:

    You should do a follow up post on Projekt-26 and or Operation Gladio.

    Those were stay-behind anti-communist paramilitary networks.

    Oddly enough never mentioned on your blog…

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