Rejoice with the Van Gods

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Rejoice with the Van Gods — to the tune of Heart’s “Barracuda“:

Addendum: I learned a few things about the ad from Duncan’s TV Ad Land:

“We wanted to create an ode to an era when the van was a symbol of cool and marry it to the apex product in the field, the Honda Minivan,” says RPA Art Director Tatum Cardillo. “The spot straddles the fine line of between homage and hilarious as we enter the world of ultimate van art: the airbrushed Nordic Viking God against the thumping track of Heart’s hit song Barracuda.”
“The concept is truly inspiring,” said creative director Jason Cook, “and we embraced the challenge of developing the look and execution of the airbrush come to life working hand-in-hand with the animation team at Titmouse. This effect runs counter to typical direction because most van art is created by non-trained artists and, thus, it had to look rough hewn and great all at the same time.”

Does the current generation of soccer moms look fondly back at 1970s rock and airbrushed van art?

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