Democracy is a synonym for theocracy

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Mencius Moldbug explains that democracy is a synonym for theocracy — or atheocracy, in our case — because, under the theory of popular sovereignty, those who control public opinion control the government:

There is no nation of autodidact philosophers. Call them priests, preachers, professors, bishops, teachers, commissars or journalists — the botmasters will rule. The only way to escape the domination of canting, moralizing apparatchiks is to abandon the principle of vox populi, vox dei, and return to a system in which government is immune to the mental fluctuations of the masses. A secure, responsible and effective government may listen to its residents, but it has no reason to either obey or indoctrinate them. In turn, their minds are not jammed by the gaseous emanations of those who would seize power by mastering the mob.

So if you manage the Herculean task of separating Cathedral and state, but leave both intact, you have no reason to think that the same networks will not just form over again. In fact, you have every reason to believe that they will.

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