Jungle Law

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

Michael Yon describes an ambush set for the insurgents by American troops in Jungle Law:

They planned an operation with snipers, making it appear that an ISF vehicle had been attacked, complete with explosives and flash-bang grenades to simulate the IED. The simulated casualty evacuation of sand dummies completed the ruse.

The Deuce Four soldiers left quickly with the “casualties,” “abandoning” the burning truck in the traffic circle. The enemy took the bait. Terrorists came out and started with the AK-rifle-monkey-pump, shooting into the truck, their own video crews capturing the moment of glory. That’s when the American snipers opened fire and killed everybody with a weapon. Until now, only insiders knew about the AK-monkey-pumpers smack-down.

He also cites a Captain Jeff van Antwerp who notes that most serious terrorists do not fear prison; they joke that they would pay 5,000 dinar per night to stay at Abu Ghraib — A/C, showers, good food, and clean water.

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