Lion Rips Woman’s Arm Off

Thursday, January 30th, 2003

In case you haven’t heard, lions are big, carnivorous beasts that will happily eat irksome tourists — or whatever parts of those tourists they can reach. Lion Rips Woman’s Arm Off explains:

A lioness in a Spanish animal sanctuary ripped the right arm off a British tourist after the 54-year old woman clambered up a barrier and stuck her fingers inside the cage, local media reported.

“The lady climbed up the three-meter high barrier…She climbed to the top and stuck her fingers inside the enclosure. Then Martha, one of the lionesses, grabbed her fingers, tugged her in and ripped her arm off,” Serafin Domenech, owner of El Arca sanctuary near Alicante in southeast Spain, told state television Wednesday.

You’re shaking your head too, right?

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