How to Fight a Dog (and Win)

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Weapons Man explains how to fight a dog (and win), starting with these facts about dogs:

  1. Anybody can fight any dog and win.
  2. Normal dogs do not fight to the death.
  3. Adults killed by a single dog are extremely rare outliers.
  4. The only part of the dog that can hurt you is the teeth.
  5. The dog is extremely vulnerable in the neck area.
  6. If it is a fight to the death, expect to get bitten… don’t let it distract you.

Dogs fight like pack animals:

They run around and try to distract you and get behind you. A vicious dog, behind you, may go for a hamstring. Dogs make darting, slashing attacks and break contact. Dogs fight dogs naturally, but they do not fight to the death, only for dominance. A human who has been knocked down by a dog or a pack of dogs may trigger predation behavior, but one who remains upright and takes the fight to the dog will always prevail.

It helps to have protection on your weak hand forearm; you can then offer that as a target for the dog. Even without protection, offering the weak hand leaves the dog vulnerable to your strong hand. If you get him to snap at that, you have him right where you want him. Get his neck with your strong hand and overturn him.

Your objective is to get him on his back, with you astride him, and both hands on his neck. In this position he cannot bite you and you can choke him out. If you don’t want to kill the dog, you can just choke him. If you do want to kill him, crush his windpipe; end of dog. In fact, in most cases, the dog will give up when overturned by someone who has a grip on his neck.


Odds are you outweigh him; you have opposable thumbs; you are much more intelligent; you are the apex predator.


  1. Steve Johnson says:

    Get the mount, choke him out.

    Got it.

  2. Alex J. says:

    But first, give up the forearm! (As seen on Remo Williams.)

  3. FNN says:

    Of course that likely won’t work with game-bred Pits, who don’t fight like normal dogs. On top of that, they sometimes attack silently and with no warning. It’s why I keep my distance from even seemingly calm and friendly APBTs.

  4. Todd says:

    Who brings bare hands to a dog fight? Turns out, a pocket knife can be man’s best friend.

    Choking is long slow painful process. Why isn’t breaking a leg high on the list? It’s a simple as step on a paw, gain more leg and chop or kick in the opposite direction. Or be He-man about it and just rip the limb off in the opposite direction — much easier than trying to get in choke position. An animal with a broken leg is already tapping out.

    And offering up the weak arm. Are you f’ing kidding? Unless your weak arm is mechanical, you still got an artery in it.

  5. Lucklucky says:

    Punch the nose or more difficult the eye. Open your mouth and show your teeth.

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