It also sows doubt

Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Something changed in the Middle East last December, when Israel declared its first squadron of F-35s operational:

Numerically, the change seemed minor. The Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) 140 (“Golden Eagle”) Squadron has just nine F-35I Adir aircraft, scheduled to grow to fifty over the next three years. That’s a small number compared to the roughly 300 F-15s, F-15Es and F-16s currently operated by the IAF.

But the significance of Israel’s F-35s is more than numbers. First, there is the simple qualitative advantage. [...] The F-35 is superior to Iran’s collection of F-14, MiG-29s, and F-4 Phantoms, Syria’s MiG-29s and Egypt’s F-16s.


Then there is the stealth factor. It has been almost thirty-six years since Israel last conducted a major air campaign against an opponent possessing a respectable air force. Now the IAF spends its time conducting pinprick raids with a few aircraft against a Hezbollah arms convoy here, a Hamas weapons dump there. Even a handful of stealth jets will enable Israel to conduct sneak raids over Syria—or even Iran.


Israel’s F-35s add uncertainty to the mix. That Israeli aircraft could reach Iran, and routinely strike Hezbollah and Syria, is no secret. But Iran now has to wonder whether Israeli F-35s can stealthily penetrate Iranian defenses (and note that the Israeli specially modified F-35I has extra fuel capacity).

Whether or not the aircraft can successfully accomplish this doesn’t matter in this context. It’s only whether Iran believes it can, and whether this will affect Tehran’s actions.

An Israeli F-35 doesn’t just carry bombs. It also sows doubt.


  1. Lu An Li says:

    Current Israeli warplanes, to include all versions of the F-15, seem to have a capability and have used a stand-off missile with terminal guidance of great accuracy. They can strike and hit Syrian civil war targets without ever intruding into Syrian airspace. No conflict with Russian AF either.

  2. Wang Wei Lin says:

    The psychology of war is to break the will of your enemy. Doubt is a powerful weapon in an arsenal.

  3. Bob Sykes says:

    Just in time. Israel’s strategic situation has deteriorated. The Israeli air force routinely conducts raids against Hezbollah in Syria, and for the last two years they have been conducting air raids against ISIS in the Sinai. Those raids have Egyptian permission.

    But the Sinai raids raise important questions. Why can’t the Egyptian military put down an insurgency that numbers at most a few thousand militiamen? Why can’t the Egyptian air force conduct the raids? Whatever happened to those two Mistral amphibious assault helicopter carriers, which would be useful as counterinsurgency platforms? Who is supplying and financing the ISIS rebels? Qatar? Certainly not Saudi Arabia or Iran.

    Egypt’s military government is likely unpopular because it overthrew the previous civilian government. Is it also unstable? What happens to Israel’s south flank if a hostile regime takes over Egypt?

  4. Sam J. says:

    The Israelis need to stop murdering everyone around them (us too). At some point people will realize that they can send mass drones and blast all those planes to pieces. Jews have a serious mental illness about compromise. I don’t think it’s possible for them to live with anyone peacefully or at least they never have.

  5. Lucklucky says:

    Sam J. returns, the typical historical ignorant, even when facts are shown which he doesn’t answer — for example the wars between Israel and their neighbors killed much less people then between Europeans, between Arabs.

  6. Wan Wei Lin says:

    Sam J.: Consider the following thought experiment:

    What would happen if Palestinians, et al. laid down their weapons and ceased their nearly continual terrorist attacks? There would be peace.

    What would happen if Israel laid down their weapons and did not defend themselves against terrorist attacks? The Palestinians and others would go on a slaughtering rampage.

    My interpretation of your views, “Israel sucks!” “America sucks!” Is that about right?

  7. Sam J. says:

    Israel could have had peace many times in the past. I don’t know about now. There’s too much water under the bridge. They’ve attacked people too many times. Killed too many people. All these comments claiming I don’t know this or that are deflections from the larger picture that the Jews could have had peace many years ago but continued taking parts of Palestine a little at a time for decades. It’s a lie that all these expansions were from Palestinian attacks. The Jews would take another piece of Palestinian land and they would fight back. It is not unreasonable for Palestinians to fight back however they can if their country is being gobbled up by the Jews. Look at this map. This look like a search for peace by the Jews? This Jew once said,” Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it”s raining”.

    Jewish argumentation techniques are designed to confuse the larger picture and focus on derivative small issues that really are not objectively linked to the large picture. It’s dishonest and a form of lying about what the issues are. One simple example is the Jews complaining about rockets fired at them as terrorism, even when the rockets land on Palestinian territory the Jews took. I say the Palestinians can shoot rockets onto their territory any time they damn well please. Let the Jews move off it and it will not hit them. Most any argument you have with the Jews is them spouting lies like this and constantly trying to change the subject and obfuscating most all the data. It’s best to assume most anything they say is some kind of lie or distortion because, usually it is.

    We also know the publicly proclaimed position of the Israeli government through numerous papers was to build a greater Israel at their neighbors expense. They also publicly proclaimed that they were going to use factions within the various Arab countries around them to break these countries into smaller pieces to effect this. This is what they did in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and are attempting in Syria and Iran. This was brought about by a Jewish attack in the USA on 9-11. It can not be disputed that 9-11 was a state sponsored attack and Jews owned the building and had control of them before the attacks. Building 7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. There are only two variables to something falling in a gravity field. The gravity field, same for rocks, buildings, big rocks, small rocks, everything and the resistance to the object falling. In this case air. The building fell as fast as a rock dropped in air therefore the build was supported, the same as the rock, by only AIR. It’s indisputable.

    I know what the Jews have done to my country. They are and have attempted to completely destroy it. I have no love for them at all. I, like them, now consider myself part of the White tribe just like they are the Jewish tribe and I only care about my tribe first. I don’t believe that the arguments about individualism and Western values that the Jews tell we should apply to them are relevant. They don’t use these values when it comes to us so I refuse to use them when it comes to them. The Jews have no right to judge Whites morally in any capacity due to their behavior i the past and present. The Jews have no right to tell us how to behave in any manner what so ever especially in relations to other races.

    “…My interpretation of your views, “Israel sucks!” “America sucks!” Is that about right?…”

    That’s exactly right. My country sucks because the Jews run it. They completely control this country through the legislature, finance, and blackmail. Every country they have gained control over has become a prison camp for the people they occupy,(a shit hole). They gained total control of Russia, attempted to control Germany, had a 600 or so year run in Spain. This has happened over and over. The Jews are a hyper aggressive group of people with no regard for life of others at all. For this reason they have no right to lecture anyone on the planet on rights, or duties, or how anyone should behave. They have no moral rights to complain about anyone what so ever.

    The behavior of the Jews over time is in no way discernible from a tribe of psychopaths. Whether they are or not is of no importance. The historical record is that they behave this way so we should treat them as if they are a tribe of psychopaths. The only sure known way to deal with psychopaths shown to work 100% of the time is to get them away from you. Get rid of them. Let them have no say in your life or any control over you. This has been applied to the Jews hundreds of times in history with GREAT success for the population the Jews are preying on. It seems to work 100% and the former Jew controlled population shows rapid increases in health, wealth and general happiness.

  8. Sam J. says:

    Wan Wei Lin says,”…Sam J.: Consider the following thought experiment:

    What would happen if Palestinians, et al. laid down their weapons and ceased their nearly continual terrorist attacks?…”

    Their land would be taken away and they would be exterminated. Look at the map. They tried this. Has the WHOLE history of their relations been constant terrorism? Israel will say yes but I disagree. I mean just how complicated is that map to understand I linked? Just how difficult is it to understand the trajectory of what is happening? It’s not at all. The map shows the result of not using enough force to fight off the Jews. It’s a time line of the behavior of the Jews and what will happen to you if you give in to them.

    All these people claiming the Jews are some lovey dovey people please explain the subjugation of Spain for hundreds of years, the mass murder of Russians and Ukrainians. The ancient world the Jews did exactly the same fomenting several massacres. They even brag about it.

    This is their nature. They’ve always acted like this. If you get a pit bull and it tears off the skin on some kids skull it doesn’t surprise me, I hate pit bulls by the way. They’re breed to tear things to pieces. The Jews have always been like this. Ruthless, vicious and without a care in the world about other people. If they’re in your country in any numbers they will try to undermine it and destroy the people of the country. It’s what they do, just like a pit bulls tear things to pieces.

  9. Graham says:

    I’m a lot less sympathetic to Israel and a lot more sympathetic to the Palestinians than I was in the 80s. I came of age then and gung ho pro-Israel sentiments were part of the package in the late Cold War, at least for me.

    I figured they were roughly on the same side as me and I’m big on what scholars of fiction might call protagonist-centred morality. If they’re the most like me and roughly on my side, we’re good for a wider range of sins than otherwise.

    So the Cold War has been over for a while, so that part of things is weaker now and I’m more open to a fair elaboration of the sins of Israel’s founding and the cynical side of their policy since.

    But it’s interesting that my reaction to your “Israel could have had peace many times in the past” was that the mirror of that is also true. The Palestinians could have had a state before they called themselves Palestinians. They could have had the lion’s share under the Peel Commission plan. They could have had a fairly divided half under the UN plan. Preferred war.

    After that, ‘West Bank and Gaza’ would have been about the maximum possible Arab state that I could see Israel reasonably conceding, and all that was under Arab rule from 1949-67.

    Neither the Palestinians nor Jordan and Egypt seemed inclined to declare a Palestinian state nor did Palestinian leaders agitate that much against Jordanian rule in the West Bank before 1967.

    After the events of 1967, I think it’s pretty reasonable that the Israelis wouldn’t want to give up the full territory of the West Bank and Gaza anymore, either.

    Winning that many wars earns you leeway, and losing that many imposes restrictions on your claims, tighter restrictions each time.

    I figure the Arabs of Palestine/Palestinians started as all or nothing kinds of guys and have failed to properly calibrate their goals after each loss.

  10. Slovenian Guest says:

    Sam J: You can’t blame them for acting in their own self interest, stateside or in Israel.

    We don’t have a black problem, or Jew problem.

    We have a white problem!

  11. lucklucky says:

    Marxist Sam J. never answers back the objections that are made. Once again, I presented numbers; he in typical Marxist fashion sells “feelings”. He certainly, like Palestinian terrorists, cares nothing about Palestinians.

    There wouldn’t be Palestinians if there wasn’t Israel. That is because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict only exists because it is a West-Marxist conflict, and political Palestinians were created for the purpose in 1967. The conflict continues because it is manufactured to continue by the Marxist journalism of the Western World, from the NYT to the BBC, from The Guardian to Le Monde, etc.

    For example, who talks about Serbians and their lost territory, Kosovo? It was in 1990. There are much more conditions for war to continue there than in Israel-Palestinian. But since journalists accepted who lost, they don’t enforce the continuation of the conflict.

    Also, Portugal got 500,000 refugees in 1974-5. Curiously, once again, no journalist invest into continuing war.

    About 3-400,000 Jews were expelled from Arab/Muslim countries from 1941 to 1967. Strangely no Western journalism defends their right to go to war against Iraq, Iran, etc.

    The use of civilian assets (schools, hospitals, etc.) and human shields by Palestinians shows even more clearly that this is a journalist-protected war. Anyone see any journalist ever criticizing any non-uniformed warfare tactic? Did any journalist ever protest this disrespect for Geneva Conventions? Of course not. Neither here, or in Africa, or in Latin America, or in Vietnam. Only one side must respect Geneva Conventions — and those are more stringent every decade. Just for one side, of course.

    If Israel wasn’t a Western icon that would mean that it would be allowed to win. That is the whole question. Israel isn’t allowed to win by Western media. Actually no Western country is allowed to win a war anymore. Even if it wins, journalists say it lost — like Iraq.

    Instead a defeated Arabian tribe won over millions of Palestinians and none of you cares, nor the media. There are no speeches how a foreign tribe from Arabia can rule over foreign land. But put the BBC, the NYT, The Times start questioning it and War starts.

  12. Lucklucky says:

    “sins of Israel’s founding”

    What sins? People of a territory declared independence. So?

    Are there any US founding sins? Any former colony that won independence has sin? Or you just say that towards Israel?

  13. Lucklucky says:

    “I figure the Arabs of Palestine/Palestinians started as all-or-nothing kinds of guys and have failed to properly calibrate their goals after each loss.”

    Because it never was the Palestinians, but the Palestinians as representatives for the Soviet Union. They had a superpower behind them.

    No Soviet Union, no Palestinians. No Israel, no Palestinians, either.

  14. Wan Wei Lin says:

    Sam J: Your whole rant falls apart on this one quote from a leader of the Palestinians.

    PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein said this in 1977:

    The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism.
    For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.

  15. Sam J. says:

    Graham says,”…I’m big on what scholars of fiction might call protagonist-centred morality. If they’re the most like me and roughly on my side, we’re good for a wider range of sins than otherwise…”

    Me too. That’s why I’m more for the Palestinians. The Jews are attacking my country just as they are attacking them.

    lucklucky says.”…Marxist Sam J. never answers back the objections that are made.
    Once again, i presented numbers…”

    Luckylucky presents nothing. He presents a standard Jew smoke screen to change the subject. What does the number of Palestinians killed have to do with the numbers of Westerners killed in a modern all out war? Nothing. I want to draw to all your attentions that this is a well “worn out” tactic of the Jews. Change the subject. Offer up some “task” that you should prove about something different instead of ever talking about what the Jews did. Notice how he’s all over the damn map but…no talk about the Jews. It’s always someone else. This is also the way they throw up dust. I equate it too how gorillas throw up dust to look fierce. I like to call it “Jew Dust”. Only used to cloud the issue and the truth.

    It’s not good enough. The behavior of Jews in MANY different countries in many different times is certainly relevant. I’ve given detailed results of attacks on my country, the Palestinians, Germans, Spanish, Russians. (I could go on and on and will if necessary), which follows a path that has happened over and over. This is not something I just thought up. It’s the “action” of the Jews throughout their whole history whenever they felt they had the power to do so. Many, many times.

    When the Jews have the power to do so they immediately start murdering as many people as they can and oppressing the people in a Nation depending on how much control they have. Their level of oppression and murder is equal to their perceived control. They are not like most tyrants that the more control they have the more they let up on oppression because, why rock the boat? No the more control they have the more ruthless they are.

    I’m not a leftist whiner for the Palestinians but more a guy who points at the Palestinians and shows others, well they will do that to you too if they get a chance and they will.

    “…Conflict continues because it is manufactured to continue by the Marxist journalism of Western World. From NYT to the BBC, from The Guardian to Le Monde, etc…”

    If so it the Jews own fault because they own the major media. Please don’t insult us like this. You people are so arrogant you just lie and spout distortion continuously. How is it that you bring up business concerns you own and pretend that it’s somehow our problem that you cause problems???? This is just more of the same Jew dust.

    “…About 3-400000 Jews were expelled from Arab/Muslim countries from 1941 to 1967.
    Strangely no Western journalism defends right of them to go to war against Iraq, Iran, etc…”

    We should learn from them. Every country that has expelled the Jews has done much better. We could save ourselves a lot of grief, be much more prosperous and be happier if we got rid of the Jews and their constant distortions of the truth, lies, control of the financial industry and our legislatures. It would be nice to have a media that’s not constantly attacking Whites also. It’s really annoying.

    All these “equates” you throw up are not equal to the Jews invading Palestine that they hadn’t been to in hundreds and hundreds of years. Look at the map I linked …again. Explain.

    Actually I’m not complaining about the Jew moving to Palestine as it means less of them here. More so I’m pointing out their behavior. How they operate and how you should take heed at their treachery. You’ll not find more of a Zionist than me as I want them ALL to go there. But in the original borders. Of course if I could get rid of all of them I would gladly offer up the Palestinians on a platter to do so.

    Wan Wei Lin says,”Sam J: Your whole rant falls apart on this one quote from a leader of the Palestinians.

    PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein said this in 1977:

    The Palestinian people does not exist…”

    Actually it doesn’t at all and this is more distortions and lies. More Jew dust. Anyone who knows the history knows all the Arabs were working, at this time in history, for a Pan-Arab State. This statement was to show solidarity for this particular political trend, on that particular point, in this particular point in time, to get help from the Arabs as a whole. So really you’re taking the whole thing out of context, (I bet maliciously and deliberately).

    All this continuous lying and distortion of the truth is why we must get rid of the Jews. They can not be trusted and have attacked the US numerous times. Some clear ones are the USS Liberty attack and the 9-11 attack. They have sold massive amounts of military data with huge damage to our security. They sold naval data from Pollard to the USSR. They sold data on producing the Lavi Fighter to China. It’s widely believed they sold Patriot missile data to China. I bet, I really bet that the reason China has stealth fighters is the Jews sod the data to China though I can’t prove it. Past behavior is a good guide to present and future behavior and they’ve stabbed us in the back many times.

    I think a VERY GOOD case can be made that they killed Kennedy along with the CIA. Let’s look at what the Jewish gangster, who killed Oswald the patsy,…Jack Ruby (Rubenstein)said. Let’s see for ourselves why Jack Ruby shot Oswald. Here’s Ruby himself telling you.

    It’s very likely that Johnson was a hidden Jew. He gave the Jews everything they wanted and covered up the liberty attack.

    I repeat again the Jews have no moral authority to tell us anything. Nor do they have the moral authority to ask us to explain anything to them about anything. They do not act as independent people in the Western tradition as such we owe them no such providence to explain as if they were honest actors. They are not. Their behavior as a group is in no way distinguishable from a tribe of psychopaths. We owe them nothing but the same as we would give to such a blood thirsty group. Nothing.

    Slovenian Guest says.”Sam J: You can’t blame them for acting in their own self interest, stateside or in Israel.

    We don’t have a black problem, or Jew problem.

    We have a white problem!…”

    No we have a Jew problem. All these problems were accented when the Jews got total control of the media and used propaganda to exacerbate the situation.

    As for self interest it’s in WHite’s self interest to get rid of the Jews.

  16. Sam J. says:

    A really good way to thing about what the majority of the Jews say is like Putin thinks of them.

    Putin said,”…they plunged the country into chaos, into economic and social collapse, into a civil war with enormous casualties…”…”…Apparently, those who constantly throw together new ‘color revolutions’ consider themselves ‘brilliant artists’ and simply cannot stop…”

    They can not stop. It’s like the media, run and owned by the Jews, they keep repeating Russia, Russia, Russia and all other kinds of nonsense. Silly people who can not be trusted.

  17. Sam J. says:

    Joseph Goebbels:
    On the “Big Lie”

    ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…”

    Unfortunately they always leave out the best part of what Goebbels said. He’s the rest of the quote,

    “…The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


  18. FNN says:

    “Is there any US founding sins?”

    Lucklucky, where have you been? Hollywood and the education system constantly harangue us about the founding sins of black slavery and “genocide” of the indigenous.

  19. Graham says:

    My stomach veritably churns with disgust at the prospect that in this debate I might be a moderate centrist. The horror! What would the Emperor say?

  20. Graham says:


    When I refer to the sins of Israel’s founding, I am referring to a little light ethnic cleansing. I appreciate that I casually used the term sins to indicate ‘generally bad things widely frowned on’ without fully appreciating the moral freight. Not everyone appreciates the use of any ‘sins of our fathers’ equivalent phrases in a colloquial way.

    Here’s the dialectic for me.

    The various Jewish agencies facilitated a lot of Jewish immigration under first Ottoman and then British rule, largely by peaceful and legal means but I don’t have to stretch my imagination much to appreciate that the Arabs already there probably did not share their rulers’ guarded enthusiasm for this new and increasing population. Or, at least, some saw the economic benefits but didn’t actually want to import their successors. Much as many Israelis in recent years, when the numbers all seemed to be going the Arabs’ way, didn’t want a one-state solution because it would cease to be a Jewish state.

    OTOH, I’m conscious that a substantial chunk of the Arab population of the Mandate west of the Jordan also immigrated to that territory in the last decades of Ottoman rule or under the British, so the ancestrally in situ communities of both sides got augmented a fair bit. I don’t know of which this was more true- most numbers I ever saw suggested the Jews. Which would make sense given the scale of the diaspora, but I do not claim certainty.

    SO it sure looks like a race to secure position between a people that had never lost an ancient foothold, but it was tiny, versus the dominant population of the past 1000+ years wanting to shore itself up. All under external rule until the last minute.

    So far, so good. I get all of that. I’d have acted no differently in the place of either. Not even in the place of the Ottomans. It was no skin off their noses even though they expected to keep ruling the place, and in the run up to 1914 they had to keep the Europeans happy.

    I think my comments above basically reflect the understanding that if I were the Arabs of 1948, I’d probably also want the whole thing and all different-ethnicity newcomers kicked out. Having failed of that so embarrassingly and seen both my own community’s organization and military performance and that of my Arab allies turn out to be a shambles, I’d probably have ditched the UN plan and begged the new Israel to give me a state on the 1949 ceasefire lines. The actual “Palestinians” decided to double down on failure, and then keep doing that. SO in the end, with due apologies to Sam J, I’m never going to consider them anything but dangerous fools. But if I look at the years before 1948, I get where they are coming from all the same.

    As far as the Jews are concerned, yep, I would have also acted as they did at every point. It has worked magnificently. And in the 1948-9 war I would have seized the chance to lower the numbers a bit, just as they did. There seems to be little residual dispute about that having happened.

    So that’s what I was getting at, and I reiterate I’d like to think I’d have done the same in their place. I just won’t get my back up if anyone alludes to it, as I would have 30 years ago.

  21. Graham says:

    As to sins of the US founding, I declare an interest. I’m a Canadian of recent British ancestry and I judge the US was founded in an act of treason and rebellion on unwarranted grounds….

    But my ancestors’ King recognized the US in the 1783 treaty of Paris [Versailles?] and it’s water under the bridge now. I even sympathize with the clause in the Declaration of Independence opposing Britain’s decision to grant the Province of Quebec a government and laws suited to the desires of its French population, since as an Anglo-Canadian I must vent customary views about the French model of government.

    Still, I resent, even at this distance, the idea that Thomas Jefferson or any Virginian or Massachusettser {?} should consider the government of a neighbouring province not one of their colonies any of their business, or use the desired form of government of British subjects elsewhere as even one of their justifications for rebellion.

    But I digress.

    Sure, the US is a settler colony or cluster thereof that decided to unite and build themselves a continental empire in lands then held thinly by aboriginal peoples whose resistance, though spirited, depended on guns from settlers or like peoples and never had the numbers to win. All of which I endorse heartily and would again, because that’s how history works, I like [more or less] what has been built in North America and it wouldn’t have been by the pre-existing population.

    But that’s what folks mean when they talk of founding sins. At that level, every people everywhere has them and I mostly don’t care because that’s how it works. It’s only annoying when the US gets on its anti-imperialist high horse against more old-school countries. Every inch of America is an empire in that sense, even if its form of government were to remain a republic. It’s not alone and carries no special moral weight for it, but it’s not free of history either.

  22. lucklucky says:

    FNN i know, but i was asking Graham reasons.

    “When I refer to the sins of Israel’s founding, I am referring to a little light ethnic cleansing.”

    That bit was not light and was not a sin since that is consequence of a war.
    Should we say that almost every country that was born has a sin, that depends on agreement of both sides to no occur? Does no make sense.

    Almost country in Africa that got independence in XX Century, some winners of WW2. Slovenia, Croatia etc etc…
    Look at sin of my country. Our first King fought his mother in battlefield.

    Nice to read your opinion on US independence. But my opinion is different because i think secession is the most important human right. The right to not be part of.

  23. lucklucky says:

    Graham notice that ethnic cleaning was from both sides. Israel got no access to Jerusalem the most important reference for Judaism until 1967.

  24. lucklucky says:

    Sam J. you continue to tell lies and/or invent like Goebbels.

    Example Putin.

    Putin has good relations with Israel and Jews.

    It was Putin Russia that earlier 2017 was the first country in the world to recognize – in this case only west part – Jerusalem as Israel capital.

    Also one of Israeli captured tanks in Lebanon ended in Kubinka tank museum. Since it had casualities in it Israel asked to Putin if it could get it back sending another like tank to replace and Putin agreed.

    For Russia’s Jews, whose estimated numbers range from 500,000 to 1 million, Putin marked a departure from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites and of the once all-powerful KGB, which he served for nearly two decades.
    Putin was the first Russian leader to visit Israel, where he attended an official reception. He also visited a Moscow synagogue, participated in candle-lighting ceremonies on Chanukah and reportedly had an open door for one of Russia’s two chief rabbis, Berel Lazar.
    Lazar said Putin should be credited for driving anti-Semitism out of Russian political discourse.

    Politicians in today’s Russia “would not risk taking anti-Semitic or a so-called anti-Zionist stand,” Lazar said. “Any impartial observer should acknowledge Putin’s big role in this.”

    So what more BS and lies you will peddle Sam J.?

  25. Sam J. says:

    Graham says,”…When I refer to the sins of Israel’s founding, I am referring to a little light ethnic cleansing…”

    The same thing is happening to White Americans right now. The mechanism is mass immigration, section 8 housing and a conscious effort to attack Whites who defend themselves against attacks by the same listed. A common technique is for say two or three Blacks to attack a White person. If he successfully defends himself he is arrested for fighting. The people who attack Whites don’t care if they go to jail but for Whites the prospects of jail are very dire. Loss of employment and possible decline into permanent poverty. The majority of attacks take place on the borders of suburbs and cities where Whites have less representation and in any case the Jews make maximum effort to punish any Whites who fight back. A prime example are the people who went around a Georgia county with a Confederate flag on their truck. The press said over and over that they “went to a black child’s birthday party to disrupt it”. This is an outright lie. They rode all around the county and happened to ride by this party. The Blacks at the birthday party abandoned the party to hurl stones at the people riding by, (they used to stone people to death). The owner of the vehicle pulled out a shotgun to protect himself. They got a combined 35 years for the husband and wife but the people who attacked them, remember the people in the truck were on a public street riding by, went free. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Eventually this will lead to a very nasty guerilla war as it’s the only satisfactory way that Whites can fight back. They’re already trying to pass laws against this as they can see this as well as I can.(I wish I could remember where the link on this is. It talked about alt-Right and White Supremacy being linked to terrorism. It’s a proposed House bill).

    lucklucky says,”Sam J. you continue to tell lies and/or invent like Goebbels.

    Example Putin.

    Putin has good relations with Israel and Jews…”

    Putin is no fool. He knows the US is run by the Jews and he doesn’t want his country to be attacked by them any more than they already have. The quote by him is accurate. This is just another example of how the Jews argue in bad faith. It’s constant distortions of the truth or outright lies. You can’t believe anything they say outright, or if you do you’re a fool. They don’t care about the truth. If you deal with the Jews in any capacity over time you will lose as they don’t believe in win-win. Unfortunate because there is such a thing as win-win. People can deal with each other and both prosper in most cases. With Jews, forget it. They always want you to lose.

    A lot of (((their))) arguments are petty nonsense and thought shifting very much like a magician points one way while pulling something from his sleeve.

    The Jews have taken over our country and are in the process of making it unviable as a decent living space for Whites where we will have little legal protection. They are directly funding terrorist attacks and then using our army as a fighting force for their ends in the middle east. It’s astounding how well Dr William Pierce, who wrote “The Turner Diaries”, was able to depict the coming political situation so many years ago. His guide was the behavior of the Jews over many centuries. They keep doing the same thing no matter where they go and mostly in the same manner attack whatever populous they are living among.

    Speaking of “The Turner Diaries”, a book supposedly inspiring McVeigh. For all you Timothy McVeigh fans here’s documentary video a guy shot at Camp Grafton, North Dakota 03 August 1993. No scripting, the guy doing the documentary was just going around filming. At this time the Federal Government says Timothy McVeigh was out of the service working gun shows. Who do you see at 0:45 in this video?

    Longer versions for more info and context.

    Another tidbit of info. At a “White Nationalist” farm that McVeigh visited frequently and he called a resident there right before Oklahoma City bombing. A “White Nationalist”, Andreas Strassmeier, a supposed German, who spoke fluent Hebrew.

    Whatever you think about the Nazis good or bad they had the Jews nailed. If they said something about the Jews it was probably correct.

  26. Wan Wei Lin says:

    Sam J: I’m reading a biography of Hitler at the moment, even before this thread presented itself. Godwin’s Law be damned…you sound just like Hitler or Islamic terrorists.

  27. Sam J. says:

    “…you sound just like Hitler or Islamic terrorists…”

    That’s supposed to make me recoil in horror? I’m not a Nazi, though I’ve been called one a lot. People go on and on and on and on…and on about Hitler while refusing to discuss the Jews behavior which is a million times worse than Hitlers and has a several thousand year record of being much the same…awful. The reason I sound like Hitler is because the Jews keep doing the same evil shit over and over. I also sound like the Emperor Claudius, Emperor Hadrian, the Spanish, the Russians, the Greeks, the Byzantine, Edward I and damn near anyone who has any long term exposure to the Jews.

    Hitler did some really stupid stuff but he saved the Germans for a while from the Jews domination and was a really smart guy. He had a very good handle on the Jews and their behavior. His views of the Jews are from directly observing them. He was there when the Jews took over Bavaria and started shooting everyone they could. He used to come out of his little flat every morning and see a Jew pimp with his prepubescent German children the pimp whored in the streets. He saw how the Jews took over the banks, destroyed the middle class with inflation, and then bought all the newspapers so they could attack the Germans morally every day. We’re going through a period very much the same. If we get a Hitler I hope he doesn’t attack Poland. :)

    Want to see how the Jews operate? This movie is the basics of their whole plan and how they get to the top. Written by the great Goebbels who wrote that the best propaganda is the truth.

    Jud Süss

    David Irvings books on Hitler and WWII are great. I’m read most or all of them.

  28. Sam J. says:

    By the way Lucklucky continual calling of me a Marxist is unfounded and just another example of why the Jews can’t be trusted to be honest as I never said nor hunted that was a Marxist nor have I asked for any Marxist policies to be enforced. This name calling is also a deceptive technique used by the Jews to defame people and pretend that their views are different and therefore unreliable.

  29. Graham says:

    If, for a moment, I concede that the outcome of present trends is the ethnic cleansing of white Americans over time, it has the distinguishing characteristic of being at least partly self-driven, in particular by unwillingness/inability of many to see the world in those terms. I straddle the conceptual line myself, part of the time. Occupational hazard. Boomers talked themselves out of it, Gen-X [me] doesn’t seem to care much, Millennials seem predominantly aghast at anything that isn’t egalitarian universalist.

    That doesn’t apply to the targets of most historical ethnic cleansings, who were pretty clear on what was happening to them even if they lacked that pithy phrase.

  30. Graham says:


    Yes, I get that ethnic cleansing was a 2-way street in the 1940s in what was then the Palestine Mandate. And I reiterate that I get it- that’s what happens and that’s how you build a state when the demographics look like that.

    As these things go, I wouldn’t say what the Jews did was worse than the Arabs, just vastly more effective. I absolutely would not claim it to be equal to the Holocaust, as some opponents of Israel and the modern Palestinians sometimes do. A sense of scale and proportion, and comparison of aims and methods, forbids that analogy.

    So when I cite it as background for a catchphrase like “sins of Israel’s founding”, I’m not attempting to characterize Israel as having unique, unjustifiable, or otherwise ghastly roots that it must now expiate by any means. Just that they built their nation in a way not unlike many others, by getting their hands dirty. Were I them, and the world what I consider reasonable, I’d probably just say, yep, we did all that, that’s how it works and we’re not sorry. We needed a nation for our people and we wanted the ancestral lands in which some small number of us kept our toehold all these centuries.

    They’d get no complaints from me on that score.

    And I get Jerusalem as well. It’s the holy of holies. Christians are used to it being under someone else’s rule, though perhaps never wholly reconciled. For Muslims, they are used to owning it but it’s only number 3 for them. For Jews, it’s the be-all and end-all. I’d want it too, and never give it up once taken.

    My original comment just boils down to two things-

    1st, I’ve let go of the hard-core, Cold-War influenced Gentile Zionist attitude I used to have in the 1980s, and I no longer feel the need to deny or wish away anything that I might see as the darker side of Israel’s founding, statehood, or foreign policy. I just accept these things in realist mode and recognize what I’d think if I were Israeli, and leave it at that.

    And 2nd, I don’t feel the need to automatically consider Israel an ally for all times, conditions, and purposes. They’re a state that has institutions, laws, and civic norms much like mine, they’ve been a sort of ally of convenience to the US, which is in turn an ally to my country, and their religion and customs have intertwined with and informed, and frankly more recently also been informed by, my civilization. These things create some sympathy and plenty of respect, but I think nothing is owed in either direction unless it suits us both.

    I have a similarly complicated albeit more distant relationship to the ideas of Arab culture and Islam, but never mind that now.

  31. lucklucky says:

    Sam J. you are a Marxist because you use most same tropes like Marxists do.
    Karl Marx wrote a paper that wished for a World without Jews. With that title.

    Again Sam J. i put in evidence that you were fabricating and putting lies regarding Putin and Jews in this blog.


  32. lucklucky says:

    Graham for me Jews are the canary in coal mine. But i think Israel is an even better proxy for Western world. Marxists look at it as an icon to be destroyed.

    We see Russia dropping cluster bombs in Syria and nothing happens, if was Israel would open news.
    More amusing is how media changes the titles of Assad. If it is against Israel it is the Syrian Leader. If it is not it is the Syrian Dictator.

    Likewise Fidel Castro is(was) the Cuban Leader
    but Pinochet was the Chilean dictator.
    Showing well the media Marxist culture.

  33. Graham says:

    On the matter of the US, I must add that no insult to our host or American commenters is intended.

    Many Canadians, Brits, Europeans, have widely varied views on the US. There is plenty of North American solidarity or Atlanticism, as the case may be. From me, too. When I criticize the US, it comes from a very [VERY] different place than it does from most Canadians. I can guarantee that.

    Not unlike my reaction to Israel, I was in the 80s a gung-ho Reaganaut pro-American and could hear nothing against the US.

    These days I am more likely to think there has been a price paid for the benefits we have all accrued from American power.

    For example, I look at the US now and think the dominant options are, the current president notwithstanding, neocon Republican American exceptionalists who think America is mostly fine [if only as a result of the past couple of decades] and want to remake the world into America, and progressive left Democrats who [sure] want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America by making it a little more like the world, but then in turn want to take that blend and impose it on the world and make the world more like their America. Two wings of American exceptionalism, even if Obama choked on the phrase.

    If I look back at the history of America, in terms of Kevin Phillips’ “The Cousin’s Wars”, it looks to me like the Puritan City on a Hill tradition traces a golden thread through both parties and controlled both of them no later than circa 1900, and has been fighting amongst itself ever since for leadership.

    I don’t quite want to live in their world.

  34. Graham says:

    On secession as a principle, I get where you are coming from. I’d like to secede from a few things myself.

    With peoples and nations, I just figure it’s one of those rights that can only be justified in retrospect, since there is so rarely a clearcut way to distinguish ‘nationhood’, attitudes toward identity, and desire for secession among the people and territory ostensibly doing it. Southern Unionists were, by the secession of their states, being forcibly stripped of their identity and allegiance by secession no less than their pro-secession neighbours were when the Union forcibly suppressed them.

    The same was true of the very large number of American Loyalists in the earlier war.

    It’s why secession rarely happens unless proven in open conflict. Which is why I always make sure to note that I’ve let go of the wounds of 1776…

    I didn’t have Loyalist roots anyway- my people were still in the old country then.

  35. Graham says:

    I was interested in that link to Portuguese history, by the way. I hadn’t known any of that.

  36. lucklucky says:

    Yes nicely stated.

    For example if secession were done without war it wouldn’t be a zero sum game.
    American Loyalists would have a chunk of North America, but American patriots too.

    The best recent example was the split of Czechs and Slovaks all made in civilized way.

  37. Sam J. says:

    “…Again Sam J. i put in evidence that you were fabricating and putting lies regarding Putin and Jews in this blog…”

    Blah, blah, blah typical Jewish lies and distortions. I quoted Putin and you deliver some diatribe. The quote is correct. I want to bring to everyone’s attention that all his gassious verbiage and abuse of electrons has NOTHING to do with the quote. Is it true? Is it not? We know it’s true so the Jew way is to fill the air with nonsense and call me a Marxist which obviously has no substance. He will try to stick to this because it sidelines the information that is harmful to the Jews. More smoke and mirrors. This constant lying…I really don’t think they understand how irksome this is. They only believe, “I won that one…I wasn’t caught outright”, no matter the long term detriment to their reputation.

    “…Graham for me Jews are the canary in coal mine…”

    Jews always say this sort of stupidity. They are not the canary that alerts others to gas they are the stink in the shit. They are the gas.

    I too used to be pro-Israel in the 80′s but over time their abuse and false fags attacks on my country has caused me to look at the history of the Jews and it’s not good. It’s a reel that plays the same thing over and over. They move into a country and abuse the residents in almost the same way over and over. We’ve, I mean the west, tried just about everything to get along with these people but only thing that seems to work is to get rid of them. Keep them away and allow them no say in anything you cherish.

    “…These days I am more likely to think there has been a price paid for the benefits we have all accrued from American power…”

    A large part of this has been linearly coordinated with Jewish power and control of the country. I’m not saying that it’s only Jews but in a very large way anyone with any different opinions than the Jews are edged out. You can look at the Congressman from Ohio James Traficant. Just for looking after one of his constituents, his job, he was hounded by the Jews continuously, jailed and eventually, I believe, murdered by them. Their behavior is absurd. Traficant was never some Nazi or hater of Jews but he eventually became more and more that way. The Jews believe that they should aggressively crush all decent of any kind. If you take that stance then eventually what you will get is war. If there’s no way to change anything by politics then it only leaves war.

    “…think America is mostly fine [if only as a result of the past couple of decades] and want to remake the world into Americ…”

    The USA is a total piece of shit, run by gangsters. perverts and thugs.

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