Darwinism confirms the psychological and spiritual truths of the Fall

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Jim takes a neoreactionary look at fixing Christianity:

Either we go with Darwin alone, or we go with a Christianity reconciled with Darwin.  Anything else is the death of European civilization.  And very few people can handle Darwin alone.  Most of those who claim that they can, are lying, and are in fact preaching progressivism, a form of Christianity rendered observably false by being transliterated from the next world to this world.

The doctrine of the fall contains important truths about the nature of man. The doctrine of evolution also contains similar important truths about the nature of man. Our state religion is going to have to deploy both doctrines simultaneously.

And the doctrine of evolution is that we are risen killer apes who rose upon a thousand genocides. So, death did not literally come into this world with the loss of innocence. Rather, it is a spiritual truth about the black pill, about spiritual death.

A lot of it is a matter of explicating what predecessors said and did reverentially but not uncritically. If the process of explication uncovers errors and defects, it has to be pointed out and fixed accordingly. This is how you make old books live again and recover and reactivate traditions.

If you don’t integrate Darwin and Christ, the clever sillies, claiming falsely to know the truth from Darwin, whom they do not read and do not understand, will take down Chesterton’s fence, and you will start agreeing with them that Chesterton’s fence is really stupid and come up with some clever reasoning that it is not really part of Christianity. And I see this happening right now, and it has been happening ever since Darwin

Christianity is a church, adoptive kin, it is necessarily a tribe, and thus, being a tribe, necessarily something rather like a state. Merely individual Christianity, a personal and individual relationship with god, is not Christianity. Faced with a hostile belief system, Christians are retreating before it, and yielding the collective and tribal functions of the Church to the educators, to the progressives. And inventing a merely individual Christianity that is concerned with merely individual salvation. In so doing, they are hoping to save Christianity by abandoning it.

The clever sillies invoke Darwin merely as a creation myth, to discredit the bible and to discredit the moral, psychological, and spiritual truths of the fall. The correct response is to retreat from young earth literalism, while pointing out that Darwinism confirms the psychological and spiritual truths of the fall. Christianity’s response has been to retreat from young earth creationism as literal truth and also to retreat from the moral, psychological, and spiritual truths of the fall

Religion needs to be a true statement about this world, as well as an unfalsifiable statement about the next. Christianity needs to be fixed so that it once again makes the true statements about this world that it used to make. Speaking truth about this world is a vital and important task of religion, which task it has fled from fearing condemnation by the state religion of progressivism Instead of speaking the truth, they torture the texts, Jewish style, to make them say the opposite of what they say. They turn Saint Paul into a feminist, and turn Deuteronomy and Proverbs into twenty first century anti family and anti marriage law.


  1. Harry Jones says:

    The main trouble I see with religious affiliation as an identity is it drags identity politics into it. The other problem is it shoves God to the sidelines.

    Organized religion, organized scientism… it’s all too collectivist for my taste. I’m all for people with common interests coming together for the sake of those interests, but let’s not have an idolatry of group identification.

    Man is an imperfect creature. Banding together won’t fix that. It never has. But given enough independent, individual viewpoints, the odds are someone, somewhere might figure it out.

    To paraphrase Jeremiah, cursed is he who trusts in the superorganism.

  2. Bob Sykes says:

    Darwinism is the idea that evolution selects anything that promotes reproductive success. So, both altruism and selfishness are selected depending on the local temporary situation. There is no circumstance under which Christian morality only is favored. Evil people will always find circumstances that favor them and their reproduction. In that sense, that Evil is always with us, that the Devil is real, Christianity, or at least Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy, is true.

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