Preregistration of clinical trials causes medicines to stop working

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Something must be done to combat this public health hazard, Chris Blattman says, as he notes that preregistration of clinical trials causes medicines to stop working. From the PLOS paper:

We identified all large NHLBI supported RCTs between 1970 and 2012 evaluating drugs or dietary supplements for the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Relative Risk of Primary Outcome by Publication Year

17 of 30 studies (57%) published prior to 2000 showed a significant benefit of intervention on the primary outcome in comparison to only 2 among the 25 (8%) trials published after 2000. There has been no change in the proportion of trials that compared treatment to placebo versus active comparator. Industry co-sponsorship was unrelated to the probability of reporting a significant benefit. Pre-registration in clinical was strongly associated with the trend toward null findings.

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