Being right about the future is wrong

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

A recent Slate piece sees White Nationalist roots in Trump’s Warsaw speech defending Western civilization:

Likewise, the prosaic warning that unnamed “forces” will sap the West of its will to defend itself recalls Bannon’s frequent references to The Camp of the Saints, an obscure French novel from 1973 that depicts a weak and tolerant Europe unable to defend itself from a flotilla of impoverished Indians…

Steve Sailer caricatures this position:

You see, there was this evil novel back in 1973 that pretty accurately predicted what Chancellor Merkel would choose to do in 2015. Being right about the future is wrong. Making accurate predictions is bad. As punishment for spawning one novelist who was so vile as to grasp the future Europe was headed toward, we must make sure this dystopia comes true. Because you deserve it for being so despicable as to understand our intentions toward you.


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Just like how the truth is more antisemitic than outright libel would be, it’s worse of an offense if correct!

    Hate facts are much worse than lies.

  2. Sam J. says:

    I read “The Camp of the Saints” a long time age. Can’t even remember how long ago and after reading thinking,”this is silly, no one would do this”. Well I was wrong.

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