Islamic Family Morals

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Steve Sailer wonders if the terribly unfashionable strictness of Islamic family morals has something to do with where Islam originated:

If you are from Sweden, the ideas of women working outside the house, divorce, non-marital childbearing, etc. doesn’t seem too threatening to Swedish culture’s stability and efficiency. You look around and ask, “What could possibly go wrong?”

On the other hand, in the Islamic countries of North Africa and the Middle East, if you ask what could possibly go wrong if we loosen up our family mores, you look to the south and and say, “Oh, yeah, a lot…”

Percent of Children Living with Two, One, or No Parents

On another note, the knowledge embedded in this graph of what family structures are like in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how they resemble African-American dysfunction, is simply unknown to probably 95% of working American pundits.


  1. Asthenic says:

    I’m reminded of the argument (maybe Sailer’s?) that progressive policies disproportionately harm the poor — that is, the middle and upper class might be able to deal with e.g. no fault divorce, but many of the, uh, “less fortunate” cannot.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    It’s so easy for progressives to understand “disparate impact” some of the time — other times the concept escapes them.

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