Britain’s Allies in the Mediterranean

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Japanese destroyers Sakaki and Matsu, docked in Malta, 1918In August of 1917, Admiral George A. Ballard, Senior Naval Officer-in-Charge at Malta, reported to the Admiralty that the Japanese had rendered invaluable service in escorting troop transports since their arrival at Malta:

French standards of efficiency are certainly lower than British, however, and Italian standards are lower still. With the Japanese it is otherwise. Admiral Sato’s destroyers are kept in a highly serviceable condition and spend at least as large a proportion of their time at sea as our own, which is far from being the case with the French and Italian vessels of any class. The Japanese moreover are very independent in all matters of administration and supply whereas the French will never do anything for themselves if they can get it done for them.

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  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    You forgot the picture!

    “Japanese destroyers Sakaki and Matsu, docked in Malta, 1918.”

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