Binge Viewing is Real

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Binge viewing is real, Netflix confirms:

Netflix only examined users who finished a season within the space of a month. For one serialized drama, 25% of the viewers finished the entire 13-episode season in two days, while it took 48% of them one week to do so. The pace was pretty much the same for a very different kind of show—a sitcom with a 22-episode season: 16% of viewers finished the season in the equivalent of a weekend, while 48% completed it within one week.

That pattern—especially the apparent sweet spot of polishing off one season in a week—was similar across various styles of shows in the sample, including those with audiences that skew male or female, younger or older.

Another finding: The majority of those viewers only immersed themselves in one show at a time, rather than juggle several at once. And whether they’re plowing through three episodes in a stretch or 13, TV watchers identify themselves as bingers.

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