Who does what

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

A three-term Republican Precinct Chairman — who retired a dozen years ago — explains who did what during his three terms:

The Country Club Republicans put up most of the money and provided meeting places. Important.

The religeous right provided a lot of work. It was they that walked precincts and they that worked phone banks. Very important.

The libertarians talked. The libertarians also complained. They were always too busy talking and complaining to do any work.


  1. Of course what the libertarians should have done was not talk but walk and take their votes elsewhere… anywhere… even if it was for ‘none of the above’. Why should they work for people who do not actually want what they want? Not talking a walk is what ended up aiding and abetting such ‘triumphs’ as the George “I started the bailout” Bush which led as sure as night follows day to the presidency of Obama “I continued the bailout” Obama.

  2. Isegoria says:

    I suppose the dilemma is eternal. Do you maintain your moral purity and attain none of your principled goals, or do you compromise and achieve some of them?

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