Space 2099

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

I only have the vaguest recollections of Space 1999, but now it has been “rebooted” as Space 2099 — unofficially:

A Space 1999 fan named Eric Bernard has boiled down most episodes of the first three seasons of the show into easy-to-watch chunks of 2-3 minutes each. And he’s added more effects, attempted to create better continuity, and even edited dialogue so that everybody says they’re in 2099 instead of 1999. Essentially, he’s made the show addictively watchable again.

For each episode Bernard supplies a summary and explains what he’s changed:

This episode contains several modifications the major one being at the crucial moment when the second nuclear waste dump explodes. This event now creates a rupture in the fabric of space sucking the moon into its void and propulsing it into an uncharted area of the universe. At the end, the decision to stay on Moonbase Alpha is now a more obvious one and John Koenig alone assumes responsibility. Fans will also notice that the travel tube has been adapted to look more accurate with the actual studio set and that the Meta signal has been removed to be re-used in another context later in the series.

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