FightMetric Analysis of Huerta-Guida at TUF 6 Finales

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is maturing, as this thorough FightMetric Analysis of Huerta-Guida at the TUF 6 Finales demonstrates.

In the first two rounds, Guida dominated, taking the fight to the ground almost at will and pounding away from his superior position:

“Though he is often characterized as a wild striker, Guida actually landed more than half of his strikes, connecting on 55% of strikes on the feet.”

“Able to take Huerta down almost at will, Guida pounded on Huerta with rights and lefts from the guard and with powerful knees to the body from side control.”

“The first thing that stands out is that Guida succeeded on all of his takedown attempts, including one slam. This is particularly impressive given that the five non-slam takedowns all came on shots from the outside, which have a historically lower success rate than clinch takedowns.”

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